RetroVirox is a privately-held company. In 2008, RetroVirox raised seed-funds to cover initial operations and since inception has secured over $5 million dollars in non-dilutive funds from the National Institutes of Health (NIAID). Our initial investors included entrepreneurs and renowned scientists from the academic and biotechnology fields, with decades of experience in antivirals, assay development, and high-throughput screening assays.

RetroVirox is focusing its R&D efforts in two programs currently at the stage of lead series optimization. The most advanced project is the development of small-molecule immunomodulators for HIV eradication. Novel chemical entities with activity in the 20-50 nM range have been identified and the company is now seeking partnership opportunities and venture capital financing to advance the HIV immunomodulatory program and characterize preclinical candidates for human trials.

Partnerships and Collaborations

RetroVirox is interested in working with companies to: i) expand the size of our medicinal chemistry and preclinical biology efforts with the HIV and Lassa Fever programs. 

The company is also discussing alternative mechanisms for partnerships and collaborations, including joint grant applications to finance early-stage research and preclinical development of other novel viral targets

For additional information regarding investments, collaborations and partnership opportunities with RetroVirox please contact us.