RetroVirox is an innovative, privately-held CRO and biotechnology company dedicated to discovering new treatments for patients with infectious diseases. The company offers its discovery platforms and antiviral services to other Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies.

RetroVirox offers antiviral testing and customized early stage discovery solutions to other Life Sciences companies working in the antiviral and infectious disease diagnostics field. RetroVirox provides different opportunities to fulfill the needs of these companies, offering a broad menu of antiviral assays in a fee-for-service or F.T.E. pricing modality, and also offers opportunities to establish  collaborative efforts. Since its inception, RetroVirox has helped hundreds of companies from over 17 countries to achieve their preclinical early stage discovery needs   (Read more).

RetroVirox is also developing small-molecules for the treatment of viral diseases and cancer. The Company’s pipeline includes small-molecule immunomodulators for HIV eradication and cancer (Read more).

RetroVirox was founded with an initial investment by scientists and entrepreneurs to translate early-stage research into cures. RetroVirox has received over $5 million dollars in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIAID) (Read more)

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RetroVirox is headquartered in San Diego, California