Multi-virus Antiviral Panel Assay


Viruses, as intracellular parasites of higher organisms, hijack and reprogram the host cell machinery to work for the benefit of the virus. Some of these host factors are strictly required for virus replication and they can be targeted for the development of antivirals. It is common that drugs already FDA-approved or under development for non-viral indications display antiviral activity by targeting human factors needed for viral replication or to allow the virus to evade the immune system. RetroVirox offers a multi-viral panel to assess the antiviral efficacy of compounds under development for the treatment of non-viral indications. This panel may also be useful to identify broad-spectrum antiviral efficacy in compounds under development for a specific infectious agent.

Our antiviral panel includes in vitro evaluation of antiviral efficacy against five different viruses: Influenza A, HIV-1, LCMV, HRSV and DENV-2. These viruses are prototype members of five distinct genus: orthomyxovirus, retrovirus, arenavirus,  paramyxovirus, and flavivirus. This panel  has been selected to include RNA viruses utilizing different mechanisms to replicate their genomes.

Antiviral assays are performed in permissive cell lines for each virus, and include cytotoxicity evaluations in the same cells used to perform the assays. Inclusion of additional viruses in our multi-virus panel is being evaluated and can be accommodated upon request.

For additional information to evaluate the antiviral activity of lead compounds against a panel of five viruses call us at (858) 677-9315 or contact us at

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