Adeno-Associated Viral (AAV) Vector Neutralization Assays


Our standard assay neutralization assay is performed with AAV serotypes 9 (AAV9) utilizing HeLa cells. The assay determines the titer of antisera in experimental animals (mice, pig, rats, non-human primates), and also can be used to evaluate neutralizing activity in clinical samples of humans. The assay monitors the level of a reporter gene expressed (beta-galactosidase or luciferase) upon transduction of permissive cells with AAV reporter vectors. The signal is revealed using commercially available kits that detect a luminescent signal.

The assay has been optimized to generate a linear signal, and can detect small reductions in transduction of cells.  This assay is useful to determine the level of immunity against specific AAV vectors. The existence of neutralizing antibodies in small animals or humans, even at low titers, can be sufficient to block in vivo transduction. Additionally, these studies can help predict the appearance of strong immune responses to the vector(s), which could result in "cytokine storms" responsible for strong adverse reactions. Assays against other AAV serotypes may be available upon request.

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