Consultancy Services


We are proud to help our customers’ programs in all possible manners. We often receive requests from small companies and virtual labs for which their major priority is to understand how they can move forward their discovery efforts. At RetroVirox we have decades of experience in the antiviral field, and since 2008 we have interacted with hundred of customers. RetroVirox can help your discovery programs with services beyond the hands-on antiviral testing.

These are a few of the topics for which our customers commonly display interest:


Mechanism of Action Studies

One of the key steps in the path to approval  of antivirals is to understand the mechanism of action of your experimental drugs. We can help you with the design of your studies and making sure you avoid common mistakes.


Assay Optimization

If you are interested in running your antiviral assays in your facilities, or customize your needs with resources we may not have available, we will be glad to advice you on the best mode of action. In some instances, we may even be able to license to you some of our assays, so you can perform them in your facilities under your required conditions and with throughputs we may not be able to accomplish.

Strategic Counseling and Route to Approval

We have broad experience in early stage antiviral discovery and the following steps aimed at the characterization of preclinical candidates. Each type of drug has its own requirement, and the FDA has established strict guidelines for approval of small molecules and biologicals  for virological applications. From receiving hundreds of inquiries every year we often have a good view of what large Pharma and Biotech are interested. We will be glad to advice you to ensure you get the best out of your programs and focus on commercially important projects with high expectations to secure financing down the road.

Access to Other Laboratories

Even if we can’t help you with your specific testing needs, we will be glad to put you in touch with other providers that can support your program.

Seeking Partnerships

RetroVirox has interacted with hundreds of companies of all sizes developing new antivirals and monoclonal antibodies for infectious disease therapies. When a match may exist, we may be able to introduce you to partners potentially interested in your programs.

Seeking Non-dilutive Financing (Grant Writing Advice)

Securing financing at the early stages of the process may be a daunting task. The SBIR program of the NIAID, together with other branches of the NIH,  are an excellent source of non-dilutive financing. SBIR grants can accelerate your programs even before proof-of-concept in animal models has been accomplished, or when your ideas are too risky for others to take them seriously and support them. CRISPR technology, bi-specific antibodies, stem cells, using viruses for gene therapy approaches or to cure cancer, and many other amazing technologies, they all received SBIR grant support before they became a reality. We have broad experience in designing, writing, and securing funds from the SBIR system, and also participating in review committees evaluating SBIR proposals. We will be able to give you important advice from both perspectives, as successful grantees and strict reviewers, covering not only the science, but also what you have to do before applying for a grant, how to get your dream budget, red flags, topics you can’t miss in your proposal, and how to get access to all the  information.

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Consultancy Services