High Throughput Screening (HTS) with Live Viruses


RetroVirox has successfully screened over 200,000 small molecules in four different HTS campaigns (funded by NIAID SBIR awards) with live viruses utilizing a variety of readouts. Several of these campaigns have resulted in the generation of validated leads against novel targets and at now at the medicinal chemistry optimization stage. RetroVirox has broad experience optimizing phenotypic cell-based assays from the scratch and validating them with pilot assays of a few thousand compounds to determine the feasibility of the campaign (signal to background, variation and Z’ values) and set the criteria for hit identification. Among the readouts typically used are  high content (flow cytometry), fluorescence, luminescence , colorimetric, and cytopathic effect (CPE) readouts. An example of a 55,000 molecule campaign carried out at RetroVirox against arenaviruses is shown below.


A collection of 45000 small-molecules is available to customers for high throughput screening at RetroVirox

A diversity library composed of over 45,000 drug-type small-molecules is available to our customers to start their HTS campaigns and generate validated leads. This diversity library is formatted in 384w plates.  For additional information about the libraries please call us at (858) 677-9317 or contact us at antivirals@retrovirox.com

For additional information about customized  HTS campaigns for viral targets please call us at (858) 232-7919 or contact us at antivirals@retrovirox.com

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