Human Rhinovirus (HRV) Antiviral Services


HRV antiviral assay are performed with the HRV14 strain using  H1 HeLa cells (human cervix adenocarcinoma cells). The amount of virus used in the assay is  previously determined to produce a signal in the linear range and inhibited by Pirodavir, a known inhibitor of HRV. Infections were performed in duplicate reactions. After 5 days of infection, cells are monitored for CPE by microscopy before quantifying viability with a neutral red protocol. Infection of target cells results in cytopathic effects and cell death, whereas in the presence of inhibitors the CPE is reduced and monitoring cell viability is used as an indicator of antiviral activity. Cell viability is determined with a neutral red absorbance readout. Viable cells incorporate neutral red in their lysosomes. Uptake of neutral red relies on the ability of live cells to maintain a lower pH inside their lysosomes than in the cytoplasm, and this active process requires ATP. Once inside the lysosome, the neutral red dye becomes charged and is retained intracellularly.

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